Another onion in a different kitchen

Eau de cologne_1It didn’t half get cold later on last night but I did manage to enjoy a bit of “tipping around” in the back garden in the sunshine after I got in from work yesterday.

Up near the house in a interesting concrete pot  that I found when I cleaned out the then neglected garden pond years ago, I have some Eau de Cologne Mint and an Egyptian Walking Onion aka Tree, Top or Walking Onion. I noticed that a bulb is starting to form on it’s stem (close up below.) It’s a very strange plant indeed and If you like “odd” like I do, there’s some great pics of mad walking onions here.Eau de close up


2 thoughts on “Another onion in a different kitchen

    • Hi Dr Strangedub! I know, absolutely madness in the onions stakes! Got a day off today, going to spend the rest of the afternoon chilling with this weeks “Echo Chamber!” Pete

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