On a gospel tip

On a gospel tip

A big thanks to Steven Nereo who got in touch with us the other week about a Jamaican Gospel 7″ I uploaded to the weedsuptomeknees soundcloud by the Creary Sisters (on Sonia Pottinger’s Glory Records). He told us about two mixes of Jamaican Gospel recordings from the 1960’s which he’s put together (both excellent stuff and I don’t even go to church!) which have been on constant play here at weeds since.

There’s loads of corkers on the two compilations, one being 15 minutes in on volume 1, the excellent Stax sounding “It’s a day” by the brilliantly named Evangelist Swell & the Charming Sisters and the first track on Volume 2 “Aint gonna grieve” by Phyllis East both originally released on Coxsone Dodd’s Tabernacle label (recorded on a Sunday naturally!) Two mixes worth listening to! You can download both here.

And while we’re on the great Tabernacle label here’s a release on the label from the great Bob Marley

Bob Marley and The Spiritual Sisters – Just in time – Tabernacle Records


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