Stephen Tin-Tin Duffy

I've got a biscuit tin...Last Friday I was passing the local pizza place on the way home from work and noticed some smart looking empty tomato tins left outside with a “please take me” note beside them. I manage to snatch one before a couple of people behind us grabbed a few each. Back home some drainage holes were drilled (in a freeform jazz gardening stylee,) a lick of varnish was applied and now I’ve got a smart plant pot! A tarragon plant was purchased from Shannon’s and stuck in it and it’s now in situ!

extra protection

There weren’t too much gardening done this weekend due to the overcast weather but some climbing french beans plants were put in (some empty jam jars were put over them as extra protection even though they’ve been hardened off – another Shannon’s purchase.) I also sowed some flower seeds (danish flag poppy and night scented stock) in some well-washed reused pots with a freezer bag over the top and stuck in the mini greenhouse. I was going to buy a smart permanent marker for the seed labels as I’ve had a few worn off of late (I’ve no idea what the pots contain now) but I was told at the garden centre on saturday morning “don’t bother wasting your money use an old pencil and write on the non-smooth side of the plant label.” Money saving tip of the week!


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