Whispering in the greenhouse

Here’s a good book I found in the library on friday called “The Budget Gardening Year” by Stefan Buczacki from the BBC TV Series of the same name from 1993. And to add to it Stefan looks like a (thin) ringer for “Whispering” Bob Harris from The Old Grey (Coat) Whistle Test on the cover too.


It’s well worth getting out of the library for the money saving tips but there’s a few that sound like they could have been taken straight out of Viz, or am I missing the point?

Here’s my favourite daft ones:



Also a big thanks go out to Penny from Golightly Gardens who mentioned on her website about replacement plastic covers for those mini greenhouses you get from garden centres. Mine went for a burton last year when our cat jumped off the roof breaking it’s fall and splitting the plastic in the process and has been sat coverless since then. Last week I got a replacement off ebay for a tenner and it’s now housing tomato seedlings and trays of freshly sowed runner beans and courgettes, and they’ll be more going in as the days go on!

Inside the greenhouse


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