Beanpole of the month

Vic’s dad's beanpole

Here’s the first of a new feature to appear in weeds, a tribute to the very popular D.I.Y. support of climbing plant/runner beans.

This month’s is an impressive example sent to us by Vic Godard of the great Subway Sect of the one in his dad’s garden. It’s a 16 plus bamboo cane affair with a nice green plastic tie system at the top (and is that hay in the middle?) We love where it’s positioned in the garden with all the spare pots, climbing ivy at the back and the bucket with wood in it. Great stuff!

Vic’s dad Harry grows everything from seed; vegetables, annuals and even palms, how great is that? Also a couple of his Chysanthemums have been shown at the Chelsea show which is no mean feat. My own father was a keen “mum” grower too and I’m sure he used to stick paper bags over the flowers if frost was threatened. We send a big thanks to Vic and his dad and best of luck with Vic’s “30 odd years” compilation!

We welcome all your pictures of your bean supports (or any type of climbing plant) from the trellis type to the more unusual. I’m more of a conventional bamboo cane man myself but do please send your pics to the usual onedeckpete (at) gmail (dot) com


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