Time machine gardening

The dandy highway man

Thanks to Andy at City University for loaning us this great book from the 1940’s called “Adam the Gardener” who was a regular feature in the Sunday Express way back then (love his get up, especially the felt-hat!) There’s some great gardening tips included in here, some dubious chemicals are used, it’s a bit old fashioned in the sexual equality stakes, but a book worth getting and a reprint can be obtained on ebay for about a fiver so that isn’t bad for the amount of great info enclosed.

The dandy highwayman

The best thing in the book is the very funny forward from Nathaniel Gubbins (a journalist who used to “speak for the British man-in-the-street better than the British man-in-the-street could speak for himself.”)

make hay not war

cloche city rockers

Loads of great quotes including “You never catch him idling in the tool shed, drinking your tea rations and eating your butter ration” and “even when xmas day falls on a Sunday, adam is still there, pottering about and making himself useful instead of making a beast of himself on christmas cheers, like some gardeners I know,” brilliant! Did Nathaniel used to work at the council I wonder?

3 thoughts on “Time machine gardening

  1. I love this! Old-fashioned tips are always worth knowing. Yes, we have to plough through the blatant sexism and over-use of chemicals, but I’ve been doing this my entire gardening life!
    FAB post – thanks Pete.

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