Undercover Lover

Fleece on the bed _2014

There were a couple of frosts last week which got me wondering on Thursday morning about the spuds I sowed a few weeks back after listening to Joe Maiden on BBC Radio Leeds. He said at the time it’s worth putting a row in as you never know what the future weather will bring.

Spuds pop up their heads_2014

I put some fleece over the area Thursday night as there was supposedly going to be more frost but then in the morning thought that it might have been a case of “shutting the stable door after the horse had bolted.”

Today I lifted it up the fleece and saw that the spuds have sprouted, how good is that, that Joe Maiden talks a load of sense! Do listen to the BBC Leeds’ Gardening with Tim & Joe show as there’s some great advice on it.

Veg Bed March 2014

I stuck in some Carrots in the veg bed today and noticed there’s some Parsnips and Cabbages peeping through the soil after sowing them a month ago. The morale of this tale is, it’s well worth taking a risk with seeds, what have you got to lose?

Potting shed mix of the week


Here’s a mix we’ve been listening to all week from Solar aired on Tim Sweeney’s excellent Beats in Space show out of New York’s WNYU from a couple of weeks ago. A lovely mix of darkish electronica featuring Siouxsie, Front 242, Genesis P Orridge and Cerrone. One to play while weeding in the garden and enjoying some sunshine as it’s supposed to be 20 degrees in the UK this weekend. Download the mix here.

Umberto – Running Blade
Siouxsie and The Banshees – Red Light
Cerrone – Générique (Début)
Uncle O – Madame X
Urban Tribe – Insolitology
Genesis P-Orridge – A Debris Ov Murder
Torn Hawk – Gags And Broken Fingers
Metrobox Is Prins Albert – Dies Ist Belgien
Front 242 – Dialogues
Elektroids – Time Tunnel
In The Disko (spAceLex Club Mix)
Decay – Tape DubbEdit (by Traxx) – Mambo Edits
Feedback – Walk The Line (Rude 66 Mix)
Mutant Beat Dance – Lowlife
G String – Phase (D’Marc Cantu Ghoul Remix)
Oltre La Morte – Aria Azure
Xosar – Elixir Of Dreams

Underground Resistance

Underground greenhouseCheers to our good mate Jim N for letting us know about this subterranean greenhouse idea (aka Walipini) which was on the Jetson Green website (who do a great line in other bonkers stuff – last week it was glow in the dark plants to replace lights!) The idea is well clever but I honestly can’t see Lewisham Council or the neighbours (“I’m sure they’re having parties down there”) appreciating me building one down the garden! More on Walipini’s /Pit Greenhouses here.

purple people eaters

The past week and a half we’ve been harvesting Purple Sprouting Broccoli. The plants took so long to mature I’d even forgotten what they were late last year! The most important thing with PSB is that you have to keep cutting the heads regularly after they start even if it gets a bit too much in the eating stakes (“What, Broccoli AGAIN?”) Once the heads open out and flower, it’s the end of that and the plants will stop producing.

salad in the cold frame

There’s even some action in the mini cold frame down the bottom of the garden (the old window frame found in a skip stuck on some bricks), the overwintered garlic is coming on and the mixed salad leaves (obtained in a 5 pack veggie seed bargain on ebay for a couple of quid) sown a few weeks ago have started. Spring has sprung my friend!

One for the weekend, sir/madam?

Mr Benn “Stars” featuring Eva Lazarus, Blackout JA & Champian – Nice Up! Records
An excellent version of the Studio 1 classic “Stars” by Mr Benn as played on David Rodigan’s show this week (well, the instrumental was) and this version features the vocal talent of Eva Lazarus and two great toasts by Blackout and Champian (I take it, it’s the same Champian from the excellent Tighten Up posse, big up Mistah Brown and Tim P.) A top tune that’ll lure the sun back out into action again!

Monday night blues (dance)

Horace Andy & The Sunshot Band – Get Wise/Wiser Dub – Sunshot 7″

A super piece of mid-1970’s reggae by Horace “Sleepy” Andy (produced by the great Phil Pratt) heard on this week’s “Echo Beach” radio show from The Turntable Terrorist. A brilliant sparse dub too featuring some simple piano playing which puts us in mind of Gregory’s Love Is Overdue. This is to be rereleased as part of an LP very soon on Pressure Sounds. Lovely!

Whispering in the greenhouse

Here’s a good book I found in the library on friday called “The Budget Gardening Year” by Stefan Buczacki from the BBC TV Series of the same name from 1993. And to add to it Stefan looks like a (thin) ringer for “Whispering” Bob Harris from The Old Grey (Coat) Whistle Test on the cover too.


It’s well worth getting out of the library for the money saving tips but there’s a few that sound like they could have been taken straight out of Viz, or am I missing the point?

Here’s my favourite daft ones:



Also a big thanks go out to Penny from Golightly Gardens who mentioned on her website about replacement plastic covers for those mini greenhouses you get from garden centres. Mine went for a burton last year when our cat jumped off the roof breaking it’s fall and splitting the plastic in the process and has been sat coverless since then. Last week I got a replacement off ebay for a tenner and it’s now housing tomato seedlings and trays of freshly sowed runner beans and courgettes, and they’ll be more going in as the days go on!

Inside the greenhouse

Full sun/full moon crazy paving classic

Erik Satin – Follow Me To San Jose (off the LP “Light Music”) – Rather Interesting

A lovely tune from last century, one to blast out while in the garden on your hands and knees fixing 1970’s crazy paving (who came up with that silly idea?) This was discovered on the excellent Damian Lazarus/Acid Pauli Mix posted up the other week.