I want that, I want that…


I’d love to say a big thank you to Lewisham Gardens and Golightly Gardens for their excellent seed swap in Hither Green last night. I had an idea that it would be a good one when I popped into the great Dig It Nursery in New Cross beforehand as I was a bit early, and the owner Mihaly very kindly donated a carrier bags worth of his happy seed range (how good is that?)

Seed swap hither green

It was a nice friendly atmosphere in the Station Hotel, there were a couple of big tables worth of boxes of various envelopes, seed packets, “dealer” bags, plastic bags and folded paper containing all sorts of weird and wonderful seed.

seedswap in tupperware

I’m now suffering from the “why didn’t I take some of those” or “had a pack of those” syndrome. It was great to meet up with like-minded people who also enjoy rummaging through boxes of seeds and writing on and taping up paper bags. I also met Theresa of Kitchen Buddy (who told us about a foraging walk on May 25th which sounds interesting see ourhithergreen.com) who I done a good swap of mangetout for a pack of cinnamon basil seed who I found out is a good friend of our old musical collaborator Hayereyah, talk about a small world! Viva la seed swap!


5 thoughts on “I want that, I want that…

  1. Sorry I missed it, but you know how it was last weekend…
    Thanks so much for the seeds you sent me, AND a big thank you from the children at Betty Layward School Garden Club for the Happy Seeds. We can’t wait to sow them.

  2. No bother on that, it was a mad day. Ahhh, that’s great the children liked them. Mihaly at Dig This Nursery in New Cross is a nice bloke for donating them!

  3. Thanks so much for coming along to the swap – it was great to meet you, and all the stuff you brought along was brilliant! Did you work out what that thing from the skip was? Did it turn out to be a terrarium in the end? We’ll be doing another swap same time next year, as there’s been a lot of interest in doing another one.

    Have a good growing season!
    Penny G

  4. No bother Penny, It was great to meet up. The last seed swap I went to in Sydenham last year was a straight one for one packet swap but yours had a much more civilised approach, “I’ll have one of those, one of those, I’ll pass on those” etc. I look forward to it being an annual event and we’ll support it as much as we can here at “weeds.” Viva la seed swap!

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