Got, got, haven’t got, got

Got, got, haven't gotHow can you tell I used to write a fanzine and I’m also a bit on the OCD tip? I’ve just spent an hour printing out labels, transferring my spare seeds into some “dealer” bags and found an egg box to put my chitted seed potatoes into. This is all for the forthcoming seed swap this Sunday and it’s only Thursday! You can tell what I was like around christmas time as a kid.

It’s funny as at the last seed swap I attended, a lady pulled out a massive list of what she “had” on 4 typed pages of A4 and produced a rucksack full to the brim of little bags of seeds. That’s taking it to the next level as they say!

I’ve haven’t got anything out of the ordinary (in a James Wong stylee) to swap, except possibly cinnamon basil and some lettuce leaf basil from my “how many different kinds of basil can I grow” phase last year. Hopefully see you there!

The seed swap once again is at
The Station Hotel
14 Staplehurst Rd,
Hither Green
SE13 5NB
from 6pm on Sunday 23rd February


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