I’m no weather prophet (nor’s Pete Astor)

The Treetops “It’s Raining” Trojan (1967)

How bad is this weather of late in the UK? It’s cold and wet which don’t really motive you to get out in the garden or even make you think about gardening. Don’t worry, it won’t be long until spring is here, so get out those seed catalogues, have a trip to the local garden centre and see what you need to buy for the forthcoming season.

If you’re still feeling sad, just tap “David Rodigan” into youtube and watch some of his mad sound clashes, now there’s a chap with a great sense of humour. Have a look here and fast forward to 23 minutes with Roddy giving it some real good comedy action (he does all the talkover intro’s himself, we love this cricket themed one against Ricky Trooper from KIllimanjaro). Big up the great Rodigan! I listened to a recent Resident Advisor interview with him this week and he mentioned he was in an old episode of Dr Who. How brilliant is that!

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