Got any time to spare (and ‘andy with a drill)?

Big shout to Lewisham Gardens for letting us know about this worthy cause! If you’ve got a couple of hours to spare in the week, love gardening and fancy helping out (and meeting like-minded souls in the process) get in touch at the email below about this great food growing project in South London. Here’s more about it:
Bring out the beans!
Miriam Lodge is a 125 bed hostel on Dartmouth Road, Forest Hill and it’s setting up a kitchen garden/hen-keeping project in the grounds this spring. It’s modelled on a successful project in another hostel in Hither Green (photo’s above and below) where residents and local volunteers grow, fruit, vegetables and herbs for the hostel. Any excess produce goes to other local projects.
Hands off me spinach!
The lodge need a group of enthusiastic locals to come in and work with the residents helping them through their first growing season. Also the walk-in chicken run will need building and raised beds putting together amongst other things. So if you’re a keen gardener or a bit handy with a drill and have some free time during the week (and live around the Forest Hill area or don’t mind travelling) contact Jackie on

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