Sydenham spud no more

the umble spud

Thanks very much to Ann Other who contacted us this morning with information that the Sydenham Potato Day and Seed Swap event later this month has been cancelled according to the Potato Days 2014 website. I am gutted as I was well looking forward to it!

On the site it mentioned that the next London event is the one sponsored by the RHS in February. It’s free to RHS members but I wonder how much it is to non-members like myself? I will contact the RHS and Potato day website and see what info can be gleamed.

RHS Potato Day
In conjunction with London Plant & Design Show
21st-22nd February 2014
RHS Horticultural Halls
Vincent Square, Westminster.
Free to RHS Members.

While we’re on the subject of seed swaps, someone at work yesterday let us know about a site called Garden Swapshop which looks well interesting! The seed swap page is here.

STOP PRESS: Chris from Pennards Plants on the Potato Day website emailed me today: “I do not organise this event and was told last week by the organiser that he was cancelling as he could not get the venue. We are involved in The London Potato Day being run in conjunction with the RHS at the Lindley Hall, Vincent Square, Westminster on 21st/22nd February where we will have our full range of potatoes (which we could not do at Sydenham) as well as our Heritage seeds, onion sets, shallots etc.” There is NO seed swap at this event!


6 thoughts on “Sydenham spud no more

  1. Sad news about Potato Day.

    A few friends and I in Hither Green are organising a small seed swap in February- Date to be confirmed but we’re looking at the afternoon of Sunday 23 Feb.
    Ours will be FREE!

    You are most welcome to come down! Come early, bring the boy and I’ll show you both about- you can meet the chickens and the local gardens project! x

  2. The RHS website doesn’t mention the Potato Day, but tickets for the London Plant & Design Show on 21/22 Feb are £5 in advance, £8 on the door for non-members. Bit steep!

    • Hi Carole, ta for getting in touch. £8, that’s a few bob isn’t it? And there isn’t even a seed swap at the event! For that sort of cash I’d expect a complimentary glass of Cava, free plants, a running buffet and a supervised creche at least!

      I’ve just been told of a seed swap on the 23rd February in Hither Green for free (see comment on this post from Lewisham Gardens.) Pete

      • please look at cssg potato day 15th feb free entry short distance from rail stn fast trains from kings cross check out group deals on rail tickets

      • Hi Mick, cheers for getting in touch and thanks for letting us know about the Cambridgeshire Self Sufficiency Group Potato Day/Seed Swap on the 15 February 2014 at The Commemoration Hall, 39 High St, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire PE29 3AQ. Sounds great and it’s free! I will give it a plug tonight! Pete

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