One scotch, one bourbon and one (special) brew

I'm only humusPopped out in the back garden for an hour and a bit this afternoon while the sun made a suprise appearance. I mainly tidied up and “tipped around” with a hoe (as my good mate Leo used to say at the council, and I tell you a lot of “tipping around” was done on a friday afternoon!) I also made up the levels on the raised beds with some top compost now ready from one of my bins. You always could be doing with more of the stuff when you see how good it is and there is never enough! I still haven’t perfected the recipe yet as there still a lot of unrotted eggshells and slivers of potato shoots but that isn’t much to complain about as the stuff is well rich and will do the garden well!

Liquid coshI also made my first batch of “One Deck special” a combination of comfrey liquid and the muddy stuff that comes out of the bottom of the wormery (essentially worm wee!) It has a dubious look and I wouldn’t  advise you to smell the stuff as it’s well putrid and I’m sure mine has maggots in it too (nice!) but I’ll be feeding me plants a watered down version of it next year and I’ll let you know how I get on.

jamaica conqueredEarlier this week I found a great site called “How Jamaica conquered the world” which has some great podcasts featuring how the Island has influenced the world from sport to music and more. Click here for the list of the episodes which range from Arthur Wint (Jamaica’s first gold medalist), The fair city of Birmingham, The birth of Hip Hop, Easy All Stars, Toronto, Lover Rock and much more. Well interesting stuff from Roifield Brown delivered in a different style!


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