Finking ahead

Machinedrum – Gunshotta (AMIT Remix) – Ninjatune

Cheers to David Rodigan for playing these two great tunes which we’re featuring tonight. The above is a lovely bit of 2013 dub with Pablo vibes and a nice throbbing bass.

Over the last few days I’ve been thinking of what to plant for next year as it’ll be great to grow something that the family will actually eat! Saying that, spuds, onions, garlic and carrots are winners here even if they are cheaper in the shops to buy, but who cares? The back garden is nearer than the local shop and home grown veg is tens times fresher! Remember, always grow stuff that you’re definitely going to eat (not what gardening magazines tell you what you should be growing) as it’s a big waste of time and effort if not and just ends up on the compost heap!

And to go out with here’s the “cross, angry, miserable” (just like me on a monday morning) Bounty Killer on a right bonkers tip (featuring a lovely horn sample). Not one to play loud early on a Sunday morning on the ghetto blaster down the allotment.

Jamtech Ft. Bounty Killer – Neva Know – Ghetto Trap


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