Free Madtone tunage

media network plus websiteThanks to Keith Perron for featuring music by Madtone as the theme tune and jingles for the excellent Media Network Plus Programme on PCJ Radio International out of Taiwan over the last few years.

PCJ Media are now making the music available for free for a limited period only through their ftp site. All files are MP3 and come with CD artwork. Here’s their FTP address:

LOGIN ID: madtone
PASSWORD: madtonecdpcj

More info here. Thanks for spreading the word Keith!

2 thoughts on “Free Madtone tunage

  1. Very cool! MADTONE music would be great theme & jingle music… I put a link to this page on my Echo Chamber Facebook page. Oh, and I downloaded and sent to my daughter…so she finally has some on her iPhone.

    • Brilliant thanks for that Dr Strangedub! It’s a shortwave/media radio show so the music really suits it. That’s great you passed on all the music to your daughter too. Does she still love “calling live on channel”?

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