Do it clean

I’ve really been caning the Bar Keepers Friend since getting a bottle the other month. It’s bonkers stuff!

Work surfaces, old burnt pots, the kid’s trainers, old coins, anything I can get me hands on gets given the BKF treatment (I’ll probably find out now it’s well unhealthy for the environment). The greatest breakthrough is using it to get the many layers of indelible felt-tip off those plastic reusable seed labels (just a little on a cloth, a wipe and a good old rinse and it’s gone!) Now you can clearly see what you’re growing!

bar keepers friend, bottle of


2 thoughts on “Do it clean

  1. Hmmm….good testimonial for this BKF stuff. Heard of it…but never tried it. You sold me.
    And here you might have a link to the Echo & the Bunnymen song. Of course, “Let’s Clean Up the Ghetto” is good too.

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