Around the world in 80 gardens (pt.23)

Ta again to Dr Strangedub for linking us up with another music maker/gardener. This time it’s Martin L Kennedy from the excellent All India Radio from Melbourne, Australia. AIR make some great chilled tunage which Dr Strangedub has been playing on the echo chamber for a long while now.

Thanks to Martin for getting in touch with us and for sending us some photo’s of his mother’s back yard, which is a quality garden featuring some lovely planting!

Here’s what Martin wrote: Here’s some pictures of springtime in an Australian back yard. This is actually my mothers garden where I grew up. Amazingly many of the same plants that were planted when I was young (over 40 years ago) are still growing. Some of them were gifts to my parents, bought from the school fete or nicked from the neighbours gardens!



AIR_1  AIR_3

AIR_2Great stuff Martin, looking good! I still can’t get my head around that it’s nearing the end of the gardening year here and in Australia it’s just beginning. Great stuff!


2 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 gardens (pt.23)

  1. Beautiful photos from our friend Martin. Looks like an ideal place to have grown up. Hats off to mother Kennedy – for growing such a lovely garden…and raising such a fine son.

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