Stop stop start again

Mr Scruff – Band on the wall, Manchester – 2.11.2013
Here’s a lovely one that’s been on play again all week at the Weeds HQ, a great 5 hour mr scruff mix from earlier this month with a nice reggae interlude (from 1.03.00 featuring Gregory Isaacs, Dennis Brown and Al Campbell) amongst loads of other good stuff. It’s even downloadable for nowt for a limited period too! One to play full blast in the greenhouse while cleaning the mould off the windows!

The above classic is featured on it too. I only know this one through it being sampled on 80/90’tunes so it was great to hear the original, bonkers. Big up the scruffy one!

And while we’re there, here’s an extended mix of the Gregory tune Mr Scruff played, with the Christine vocal. A tune! Thank you one John Lydon for playing it on BRMB Radio in the late 1970’s for this one.

New Cross, New Cross

Dig this weeds up to me kneesYesterday I popped into Dig This Nursery which is just opposite the station in New Cross. Their record shop (spotty vinyl records) has now grown since the last time I was there, then it was just a couple of record boxes now it’s housed in a back room with lots more rows of vinyl and a nice little Reggae section and definitely worth having a look at if you are around the SE14 area (reminds me of a mini Rat Records.) A garden centre with a second-hand record shop, why hasn’t anyone thought of this concept before?

I saw an LP in there by the Calypsonian Mighty Sparrow which had a track on it called No Future, sadly not a Calypso cover of the Sex Pistol’s classic God Save the Queen but one about the evils of “hard drugs” which the lyric encourages the listener to “see a movie or take a hunting trip” instead of “taking a fix.” Cruel sports or hard drugs, I’d pass on both of them!

I was chatting to Mihaly one of the nice chaps there and he mentioned that when it came to plant feeding, they use well-rotted Horse manure. They use this method on their Tomato plants (they have an annual Tomato festival where they grow 72, yes 72 different types!) and it works like a treat. If all goes well I will be getting a bag off them in the spring to try and will do a weeds up to me knees plant trial (“this one has had the horse dung, this side hasn’t, can you see the difference?” etc). Also their seed range for kids has taken off too. Great stuff!

Everybody loves a spud

potato-bulletThis might seem a bit previous but I’ve just found out the date of the next Potato Day & Seedy Sunday in London. Save up your seed, save up your quids and get up there!

Sunday 26th January 2014
London Potato Day & Seedy Sunday
Sydenham School
Dartmouth Road
Forest Hill
London SE26 4RD

It’s a good one to break up the post-Christmas/skint at new year comedown too!

Flying tonight?

Big shout (and Happy Birthday too!) to our good friend Doctor Strangedub for telling us that the last post but one (A blast from a bonkers past) reminded him of Bedward the flying Preacher, another non flying event. For those who don’t know about Alexander Bedward the flying preacher, let Prince Fari tell you about him.

And let wikipedia tell you more!

A blast from the bonkers past pt.1

out demons outWhile going through a box of old fanzines the other day, I found a poster (designed by yours truly) from the attempted Levitation of Parliament event Twenty years ago (organised by the Association of Autonomous Astronauts and the London Pychogeographical Association). On a Sunday in October in 1994 an assembled mass of people conducted an experiment to levitate the Houses of Parliament from the square opposite. Unfortunately, due to possibly the wind being in the wrong direction, bad vibes or too many people wearing garments made out of wool, the experiment failed. A mad day indeed!