Dub gardeners around the world unite (pt 2)

A big shout to our good mate across the pond, Dr Strangedub for linking us up with Med Dred from the wonderful island of Cyprus. As well as releasing some top tunes (check out “empty words” and it’s dub, “dub-o-phonic words” for pablo inspired vibes. All available for free on the  EP on the dubophonic net label) Med Dred grows some top veg as well!

cherry tomsThanks for the pics which show some Cherry Tomato’s and great Bell Peppers which are now steaming ahead as the summer heat in Cyprus is now dying down and some well healthy Rosemary, Mint and Thyme in the herb stakes.

it's a pepper



Thymeit's hot!Med Dred also let’s us know of some top tips of his. One which I’m well fascinated about is that he has to spray a mixture of water and baking powder (which you can see traces of above) on his plants once a week to stop the mad looking Phylliidae leaf insects aka “walking leaves” from playing havoc which we don’t get in the UK thank the lord! And we complain about our slugs and snails!

LeafInsectEvery day he also takes off white flies by hand off his Tomato plants and puts used teabags into the garden regularly which helps the soil and the plants to grow (we love used teabags here too which we bung in the wormery or compost heap depending what mood we’re in!)  Ta for the pics and tips, love it! Big up the Med Dred!

Do send us your garden pics, dubstep, funk, metal  or soul gardener, we don’t care! Send your pics with some text to onedeckpete@gmail.com


5 thoughts on “Dub gardeners around the world unite (pt 2)

  1. Great entry from the gardening adventures of Med Dred! Some beautiful looking peppers; herbs; and cherry tomatoes…And that is one strange bug! Big up to the gardening dubmaster Med Dred.

    • Give thanks for your nice words , love for garden , natural foods and of course Dub Reggae …. I should add the missing ingredient for this garden success is Reggae music …plants love it MD

  2. Cheers Dr Strangedub. How mad is that bug? Our pests over here are boring looking things like slugs and snails (but still destructive tho!) but nothing like a leaf with legs tho!

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