The trouble with (my) piles

pilesIt’s taken me over a year to get rid of the big pile of clippings and prunings which have been occupying most of the vegetable bed at the bottom of the garden. I can thank the several bonfires and sneaky black bin bags snided at the bottom of the wheelie-bin on a fortnightly basis for that.

Now the space has been cleared, the weeds are doing very well thank you. If all goes well in the next few days if it don’t rain over the weekend I’ll clear the patch and stick in some onion sets and make use of the space over the winter months.

What is bonkers though, is since I’ve cleared one load of clippings, there’s another one starting to pile up not even 15 feet away and getting taller and taller by the week. Mad or what? It’s an never-ending circle this gardening lark!


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