After the storm has gone…

Kuage – A Part Of You

A nice bit of off-the-wall electronica for a Thursday night heard on Rob Da Bank’s show over the last couple of weeks.

Busy Signal – Same Way

And another piece of tunage, heard this time on the Rt Hon David Rodigan’s show. A piece of minimal electro reggae straight out of the land of wood and water (and organ stabs straight out of toytown!)

Sarkodie Ft. E.L. – U Go Kill Me Instrumental

And by the power of youtube the instrumental the drum roll of which, reminds me of Bango (to the Batmobile) from the man like Todd Terry…”Let’s go!”

Todd Terry – Bango – To the Batmobile Lets Go

The original Don (not Monty Don)

A big shout to Don Letts who very kindly sent us pics of his garden this week for our “dub gardeners of the world unite” series. It’s one smart garden to say the least!

Dub on the patioAnd in the words of the man who brought Reggae to The Roxy: “A Dub/Punk/Gardening blog….now’s there’s a combination I can relate to! Actually tailor made for The Don…..check my yard bredrin’….” And what a yard, cheers again Don!

Don Letts garden2

Don Letts_4Don’s garden

The bonkers house revival

A very bonkers kiddy-rave track that’s had me smiling all week (as it’s so daft!) after hearing it on the Rob Da bank show. Not my usual cup of tea but a tune I can’t help thinking, white gloves, glowsticks and gurners when I hear it. How speeded up is that italo house piano break?

I might turn the dustbin over in the middle of the back garden tomorrow, use it as a podium and give it large in a “where were you in 93?” revival style (much to the delight of the neighbours!)

Pause for the cause

Big shout to our gardening friend Med Dred from Cyprus for letting us know about this good cause.

Himself and Haji Mike (who both release tunes on the dubophonic net label) have been invited to go to Japan to play a charity concert for the victims of the Fukushima nuclear disaster of 2011 (the worst of its kind since Chernobyl)

The event takes place in Koriyama City, 55km from the Daiichi nuclear reactor plant in the district of Fukushima on November 29th, 2013. Their campaign on aims to raise the funds to cover return air fares and touring costs while in Japan. If you have any spare folding bung it their way! More info here.


Herbsman shuffle

basil with shoots6211_nThanks again to Med Dred from Cyprus for sending us photos of his veg plants which we were well chuffed on receiving!

He has just emailed us a great one of a well healthy looking Basil cutting, happily rooting away in a glass of water (above), how good is that? He also sent us the link to his new free downloadable EP out now (click here for the download). Big up Med Dred! Reggae and gardening do mix!

Fanfare for the common man

Cham featuring Damian Marley – Fighter – Madhouse

What the hell do you call this, ragga-rave, electro reggae or minimal dancehall? Who cares what it’s called, it’s a big tune to be, played by the Rt Hon David Rodigan last week and one to annoy the neighbours to on a Saturday night. Can you feel it?