From the contents of my loft pt 201

a million quidTwo stills from the header tape of the K Foundation Burn a Million Quid film
Here’s a bonkers one! These two bits of celluloid were obtained after a screening of the infamous film (where the K Foundation, Bill Drummond and Jimmy Cauty burned a million pounds) organised by Club Disobey on 8th December 1995. Originally to be screened at a car park in Brick Lane, the venue was switched on the day to a very small basement in the Seven Stars pub nearby. It was murder getting downstairs as the place was well packed (400+ at least!) Club Disobey also mentioned on the flyer that the band would be selling stills of the film for a pound each after the screening.

The actual screening was abandoned half-way through but I do remember mithering their roadie Gimpo for a still after a few people tried to grab the film off the moving spool! In the end Gimpo cut a few stills up to give out using a combination of his teeth and an old key he had in his pocket. Madness! I managed to get one but in all honesty it could be from any film! A bonkers night!
“The film was due to be cut up and sold off for one pound per frame after the
Brick Lane showing, but this never happened. At the end of the show, when
everyone tried to grab frames, Gimpo protested “no, it’s not this film
that’s being cut up, it’s the other [two-spool] copy”, going on to point
out that he didn’t even want to do it, it was all Club Disobey’s idea.
The only frames members obtained were blank ones from the film header.”

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