Lillies from the Presili’s?

I’ve been back from the holiday in Wales a week now. Back from a world of honesty boxes, local shops that weren’t Tesco Metros and where the public loo’s there had a vase of fresh flowers (changed daily) in them! Can you see that happening in London?

flowers in loosI’m more of a city veg growing bloke as you know but can anyone give us an ID on these mini bloomers spotted while coming back from the local shop one afternoon (no, it weren’t Sainso’s!) growing in a Welsh hedgerow. Any ideas?nice bloomers my friend


5 thoughts on “Lillies from the Presili’s?

    • Brilliant Jan! Thanks for that! Going by wikipedia it’s also known as bread and butter, rancid or eggs and bacon. Excellent! Cheers Jan, you’re on the ball with that one! Pete

    • Thanks for that anna! “Snapdragons” aka Toadflax as it says on Wikipedia. My favourite other names for it reading off the list is “Dead Man’s bones” and “impudent lawyer”, bonkers!

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