Live at the “Which?” trials

root and fruit

I’ve been using the biodynamic method of sowing seeds for over a year now, I’ve had the odd moment when I’ve ignored it and put the seeds in on “wrong” days but mainly stick to Maria and Matthias’ Sowing and Seed Calendar. The book cost us a about a fiver and the rest is free, just sow your seed on the appropriate Root/Leaf/Flower/Fruit days and that’s it. It’s bonkers and a bit “out there”and works for me but just for fun I’ve set up a quick seed trial. That is, sowed some Carrots on a “Fruit” day (8.8.13) then on a “Root” day (10.8.13) and did the same with some Spring Onions. As there is only a couple of days difference, by rights there shouldn’t be much variation. Come on the Moon, do your job!


2 thoughts on “Live at the “Which?” trials

    • Ha ha…with my barnet? You must be joking! It’s free to do and I’m always up for something for nothing when it comes to the garden. Also it’s bonkers and I can do bonkers too. Give it a go, you’ll be very suprised!

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