Is it working yet?

So life’s been railing against us again what with WordPress giving up the ghost here but we’re back!

up our straßeI picked up a great book from the library last week, Veg Street (Grow your own community) – Namomi Schillinger – Short Books which is well suited to us at weeds. There’s stuff on how to set up a community gardening group, front garden vegetable growing and lots of tips and tricks in a shoestring style. It goes over the basics, soil types, pricking out, composting, gardening terminology etc in a no nonsense style, making it perfect for the beginner grower or someone who knows a bit too. I was so influenced by the idea of recycling mad things as plant containers (there’s pictures of suitcases and even tennis ball tubes as veggie plant pots!) I got the old cat basket out of the loft, lined it with an old multi-purpose compost bag and stuck some pea seeds in it for some late season pea-shoots (another influence from the book.) Have a look for it as it’s inspiring! cat basket Also I’ve been going into various Robert Dyas stores of late who are doing all their seeds half price as it’s at the end of the season. I’ve been sticking in spring onion, carrots and even beetroot now as you never know what the weather will be like in weeks to come and you’ve nothing to lose. At worse you’ll get baby carrots and small spring onions and even if the beets don’t form at least you can use the leaves in a salad. Keep em peeled! cheap seeds cheap seeds


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