This one’s for Ron!


Big shout to Sonya from the Last Gang In Town for letting us know about Ron Finley the Guerilla Gardener from L.A.

Fed up with the lack of fresh edibles in his neighbourhood in South LA (he had to travel some way away just to get some organic tomatoes) he planted some veg in the empty bed outside his house. Rather than being chuffed that someone cared for where they lived, the local authorities done him for “gardening without a permit” (how bonkers is that?). This spurred him onto starting food growing projects and getting people in the local community into the old veg growing bug. Read more about his gardening exploits and all the good he’s doing. In his own words  “We gotta flip the script on what a gangsta is — if you ain’t a gardener, you ain’t gangsta.” Big up Ron!

**UPDATE** We’ve just heard from Ron and he told us his favourite method of getting rid of those damn slugs and snails is the old school Beer trap!

I was Danny Rampling’s gardener (in my mind)

Steroid abuse fanzineI’m up at the crack of dawn this morning as I’ve got to re-paint the kitchen windowsill as someone earlier this year put pots and trays of seedlings on there and the excess moisture has made the sill look well rubbish now.

As you know I’m a great one at putting off jobs (I mean, it took me nearly two years to finish off painting the back of the house) so I had a cup of tea, some toast and had a flick through the Sunday papers to warm myself up.

I spotted this great piece about Danny Rampling in The Observer Magazine which really cheered me up. I really thought he went into retirement and was going to be open a “restaurant for clubbers” as didn’t he do a few closing gigs at Turnmills years ago? The best bit was where he mentions how he and his wife met, “at an after-party in a shed in someone’s back garden in Hackney.” Was that the VIP lounge of the garden shed or just the normal area where the rakes and the brooms made out of twigs are hung up? Brilliant! Big up London’s clubland!

A tune and a half for a “leaf” day (after 8pm)

Kölsch – Der Alte – Kompakt Extra

A tune and a half from 2011 heard this week on the corker that is “A Love from Outer Space – Andrew Weatherall & Sean Johnson at Discoteca Poca Closing Part 2”. Pitched down a little this tune is something else! Big up the Soundcloud page for the mix for the tune id!

Mid-week blues (dance)

Chino & Di Genius – Roots Sound – Big Ship

Rodigan’s been giving this tune some stick of late, a lovely rootsy number from Chino & Di Genius (son of the great Freddie McGregor) and it wins “ lyric of the week” here at weeds as it rhymes “dances” with “Corduroy pants-es” and “Sister Nancy’s”, brilliant!

Earlier this evening I put the hose on the garden as the beds were looking a bit dry. You know what, as soon as I finish watering, the heavens opened! Great timing eh?

Who’s had me Sunflower, bud?

whos had me sunflower budThis morning I noticed something has had the beginnings of a small flower bud away on my “Genuine Giant 9 Foot Sunflower” (yeah right!) purchased off ebay (£1.50 for a pack of seeds). Yesterday it was looking good but now…nothing!

The next time a bud appears I will be camping out in my back garden overnight and if that fails, hire a gang of gardening vigilantes and get them to hide behind the shrubs and try and catch the culprit! I reckon it’s a squirrel or a high-risk-taking slug. Any ideas?

Live at the “Which?” trials

root and fruit

I’ve been using the biodynamic method of sowing seeds for over a year now, I’ve had the odd moment when I’ve ignored it and put the seeds in on “wrong” days but mainly stick to Maria and Matthias’ Sowing and Seed Calendar. The book cost us a about a fiver and the rest is free, just sow your seed on the appropriate Root/Leaf/Flower/Fruit days and that’s it. It’s bonkers and a bit “out there”and works for me but just for fun I’ve set up a quick seed trial. That is, sowed some Carrots on a “Fruit” day (8.8.13) then on a “Root” day (10.8.13) and did the same with some Spring Onions. As there is only a couple of days difference, by rights there shouldn’t be much variation. Come on the Moon, do your job!