Larry Levan’s Paradise Cabbage

Cabbage patch_Doll

Pulled up this beauty Sunday afternoon after walking past it a few times this week trying to think of what to have with it! Sausage and Mash was the choice in the end. This is the first time I’ve really had a decent Cabbage as the plants usually get eaten earlier on or bolt. These were started as seed in the spring and I stuck them in and forgot about them and as you can see they look half decent. Success!

cabbage patch_2

Everything is looking good in the garden (okay things are a few weeks late), apart from the runner beans are terrible and god knows what’s happening to my blackberry bush, it was looking great with lots of berries on it now it’s turning yellow, it’s not lack of water as I’ve been giving it a nightly hose. Help! Any ideas?

Also a big up to Paul W for sending us this article. You can sell some courgettes to your neighbours but don’t let the taxman find out our he’ll nick your strawberries as payment!


2 thoughts on “Larry Levan’s Paradise Cabbage

  1. Wow- those cabbages look great.
    Sausage and mash sounds like a fitting tribute. Stirfried with crispy bacon makes a delicious side dish too!

    I’m rather biased against growing bassicas. They take soooo long to mature, take up so much space and attract pests.
    Ratio: Value for money Vs space taken up isn’t great. That said home grown spears of PSB, griddled and served with garlic butter is heavenly.
    If your punk sensibilities can justify it, next year you should give the bed over to asparagus! 2/3 year old crowns so you get to harvest some. Totally worth it!

  2. Cheers for that! I am with you on the brassica thing too! I’ve never had much success with purple sprouted broccoli which is a shame. Asparagus, yeah possibly and I won’t let the punk sensibilities get in the way ha ha! Can I wait the two years though?

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