Keep it locked!

A lovely new redo of the classic “Sitting and Watching” rhythm from the great Sly and Robbie featuring the unmistakeable vocal skills of Beres Hammond and Shaggy. Tune!

Talk about a bonkers 24 hours. I rushed home from work last night to cut the grass in the front garden as that bright yellow round thing called the Sun was out. Could I find the key to the padlock to the garage where the flymo is housed (which is usually kept on top of the fridge) after much flapping? No. So no grass was cut last night.

The house was turned upside down today but still no key. This afternoon a pair of bolt cutters were tried to be procured after advice from a local locksmith and the fridge was scheduled to be moved tomorrow morning to see if they had fell behind it.

What is bonkers, in the last few minutes I’ve just put my hand in my back pocket of my jeans (that I’d been wearing all day) and guess what? The key to the garage is found!


2 thoughts on “Keep it locked!

    • Hi Jan, how’s it going? Glad you like it the story, just another day in the life of Pete P I’m afraid! I tell you what tho’ glad I’ve found the key or we would had to have moved the big fridge! Madness! All the best Pete

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