It was easy, it cheap, GO AND DO IT!

jim boxes_1

A big shout to our good mate Jim who last week, made some great window boxes to house his Tomatoes in for next to nothing as the total cost of the project was just under £6! Price breakdown: 2 long trays from the local Mr Poundland at £2.99 each, a couple of pieces of wood found in the shed and some raw plugs cadged off a neighbour for free! It’s fixed into the wall in a few places just in case, and there’s some holes drilled into the bottom for extra drainage too and a block of wood was put at the bottom to push it out from the wall. A wonderful piece of engineering Jim!

Jim and plantsTalking of containers, I used a plastic tray that yesterday held 6 Co-Op Sausages and sowed some Coriander into it and also a small plastic box that once held some upmarket “biscuits for cheese” (for the times when I am feeling too posh for Ritz) for some Lettuce Leaved Basil. Also popped into Shannon’s today and got a couple of Lupin plants (I like the way the water is held in the leaves on a dewy morning!) and another mental Onion for my collection, one of The Welsh variety. There’s lovely!

welsh onions

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