Big up the Bee (yet again!)

Thanks to Teffany for letting us know about an edition of Radio 4’s Costing the Earth called “Bees Fight Back” about Bees and Neonicotinoid pesticides, which is worth a listen.

While looking for it I stumbled across one called “The Bee Inspector” (still up on the web here) which gives a great introduction to the world of Bees and Beekeeping over four short programmes. It’s well interesting stuff even though it’s ten years old. Give it a whirl!

Is there anyone out there who can give us a definite list of Bee-friendly plants? I’ve noticed we’ve got a good bit of self-seeded Borage coming up this year but more suggestions would be appreciated! Post on comments below or at

Big up the ‘umble Bee!


6 thoughts on “Big up the Bee (yet again!)

  1. I’m suggesting marjoram from activity on a well established one on sheltered patio. However, not much this year as not flowered yet. Sown lots of “bee friendly” seeds such as Marshalls mix of borage phacelia and red clover but not very “flowering friendly” yet. Idea was grow for bees and dig in for green manure later.

  2. Hi Andrew cheers for that. I’ve got a bit of Marjoram up near the house in an old sink so that’s something else for them. I’ll have a look at that Marshalls mix too. Pete

    • Hi Andrew, great stuff, love the garden film too! Best of luck with that project and keep us updated. Do you think Bees would like The Cramps “Human Fly”? Pete

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