Friday night in the place

Chronixx – Judgement – Asphalt Riddim Version (Liv up Records)

As I was only in work Monday and Tuesday, the only radio show I’ve been listening to this week was David Rodigan’s excellent one on BBC1 Xtra. He’s been playing some great tunes of late including this hard n moody instrumental of the great Judgement by Chronixx. Mad stuff indeed. Big up the great Roddy! Here’s the vocal:

Big, massive and broad

Here you go, the first harvest of the year, broad beans that were put in last autumn. It’s something you can do with some vegetables (cabbages, garlic, onions, perpetual spinach to name but a few) but look for varieties for “overwintering” as it’s called. Can’t remember the variety these were but I know they cost us less than a couple of quid off ebay.

Through the bean cane

The beans germinated and put on a little bit of growth before the cold weather set in and then remained dormant until the spring. A couple of the plants did suffer a severe frost but seemed to carry on growing. One good thing with the beans being ready so early in the year is we’ve only a little bit of aphid attack on them which makes a change. I heard a tip on twitter that said pinch out the top of the plants when they get to a certain height as that helps repel aphids too. The pods can even be slung on the compost heap too! Great stuff!

beans in strainerToday we’ll be enjoying the above beans with our dinner, big up cheap gardening!

Keep it locked!

A lovely new redo of the classic “Sitting and Watching” rhythm from the great Sly and Robbie featuring the unmistakeable vocal skills of Beres Hammond and Shaggy. Tune!

Talk about a bonkers 24 hours. I rushed home from work last night to cut the grass in the front garden as that bright yellow round thing called the Sun was out. Could I find the key to the padlock to the garage where the flymo is housed (which is usually kept on top of the fridge) after much flapping? No. So no grass was cut last night.

The house was turned upside down today but still no key. This afternoon a pair of bolt cutters were tried to be procured after advice from a local locksmith and the fridge was scheduled to be moved tomorrow morning to see if they had fell behind it.

What is bonkers, in the last few minutes I’ve just put my hand in my back pocket of my jeans (that I’d been wearing all day) and guess what? The key to the garage is found!

Bee Bee Cee News Report

Foxgloves in da garden

A view of the garden tonight taken while having a cup of char watching the Bees working their way around the Foxgloves on the left. It’s all starting to kick off growth-wise now!

I was feeling a bit overwhelmed today as it’s been a busy old week but it was only while listening to Wilko Johnson being interviewed on Radio 4 who was sounding well chipper even though he’s terminally ill that put all my moaning into perspective! I’ve never been a massive fan of Dr Feelgood but did see them at the Lanchester Polytechnic in the late 1970’s. A bloke who was doing the sound that night told us the band were really late arriving and so drunk they were turned away by the door staff thinking they were a gang of cockney blokes on a stag-night. It was only when a fan who was in the queue told the bloke on the door “You can’t do that mate, they’re the band!” Brilliant!

A big shout to our good gardening friend Scarlett (who also writes the excellent Heavenly Healer blog), who sent us an excerpt from her “Attracting Beneficial Insects” factsheet which she has kindly let us reproduce here. The following list applies to Bees and other beneficial insects.

  • March/April – Bluebell, Rosemary, Bugle and Dead-nettle
  • May/June – Aquilegia, Geranium, Campanula, Chives, Sages and Thymes, Wallflowers, Vipers bugloss, Birds foot trefoil and sweet peas.
  • July/August – Lavender, Cornflower and Centaurea, Marjoram and Scabious.

In general all insects love Sunflowers and Hollyhocks. Comfrey is great for the Bees (and for making liquid feed!) Monarda didyma, Linum, Agastache, Marjoram and Oregano, Astrantia, Thyme, Yarrow, Sage, Borage, Fuchsia, Geum, Cosmos, Poppy, Mallow, poached egg plant (Limnanthes douglasii) as well as climbing plants such as clematis and honeysuckle, are just a few examples in an exhaustive list.

Scarlett also let us know of a great exhibition currently at the V&A called From Club to Catwalk. Great stuff and great photo! Thanks for the list and the exhibition info. We’ll pop down over the summer for that. Talking of the summer, can we have the sunshine back?

Chilled out/worn out on a Thursday night

worn out on a thursday

Robag Wruhme – XLR8R – Podcast 201

The week don’t half take it’s toll! Tonight, after a mow of the back lawn, a tip around of a hoe on those damn weeds and a swoosh of a hosepipe, it’s time to kick back and relax with a mix from a couple of years ago (cheers to Will for reminding us about this one the other day). This ain’t Punk, House, Disco or Reggae but it’s a good one all the same! Tracks include Max Richter, Modeselektor & Thom Yorke and the Prague Symphony Orchestra & Libor Pesek. One for those pesky aches and pains!

It was easy, it cheap, GO AND DO IT!

jim boxes_1

A big shout to our good mate Jim who last week, made some great window boxes to house his Tomatoes in for next to nothing as the total cost of the project was just under £6! Price breakdown: 2 long trays from the local Mr Poundland at £2.99 each, a couple of pieces of wood found in the shed and some raw plugs cadged off a neighbour for free! It’s fixed into the wall in a few places just in case, and there’s some holes drilled into the bottom for extra drainage too and a block of wood was put at the bottom to push it out from the wall. A wonderful piece of engineering Jim!

Jim and plantsTalking of containers, I used a plastic tray that yesterday held 6 Co-Op Sausages and sowed some Coriander into it and also a small plastic box that once held some upmarket “biscuits for cheese” (for the times when I am feeling too posh for Ritz) for some Lettuce Leaved Basil. Also popped into Shannon’s today and got a couple of Lupin plants (I like the way the water is held in the leaves on a dewy morning!) and another mental Onion for my collection, one of The Welsh variety. There’s lovely!

welsh onions