Eric and little urn

how much does a greek urn?

A pot and a half found (by my wife) this week that was left out for the bin-men around the corner from here. How smart is that? “Keep em peeled” as Shaw Taylor used to say!


4 thoughts on “Eric and little urn

  1. Hi. I’m Red’s wife. I love your new urn. We have a small garden as well. Over here in the States it’s hard to find others that like gardening. It seems like it would be so much easier over there. Everything just grows. This year I’m trying a greenhouse. So not EVERYTHING burns. But the pests still find their way in. The pests here are crazy!
    We also have another garden box. We had to dig out all the dirt and put metal fencing in. Then we had to build a cage around that. It’s our tomatoe fortress. The ground squirls like to nick all our tomatoes. Alway a good time.

    • Hi Annette
      Great to hear about the garden in LA! Mental to hear about the fortified garden box tho. I’ll stick the picture of that rattlesnake you had in the garden up in a bit. And we complain about our slugs, snails and moths…ha ha. Pete
      PS. Send us a pic of the fortified box, sounds crazy.

    • Alright Marc! I don’t reckon it’s as old as you think, it’s just a bit battered! There seems to be a whole load of stuff being thrown away around SE23 at the moment. Have you seen the massive box of very old cameras just up the road from the newsagent in Gladiator Street. They’ve been there for a few days now.

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