No expense spared (yeah right!)

It was miserable most of today until early evening where there was a hour or so of sunshine. It was nice enough to get out those council worker’s gloves and the, spudcombination

The combination of sun and rain is now kicking everything off, above is the eau de cologne mint in the nice cement pot found submerged in 12 years worth of old leaves in the bottom of our pond after moving in. The next is a tumbling tomato and assorted herbs in the plant container originally destined for the binmen and the seed potato in a spud sack (procured for free at that seedy sunday event in Sydenham) which is now cracking on. Be warned, don’t do what I did and play “musical sacks” with the bag, this one’s bottom has fallen out and has now got to stay where it is!

Teapot and frame

Also a few years ago I found some left over concrete squares from the garden wall (behind the mint, tomato and spud in a bag) and wasn’t sure how to get rid of them so I laid them on their side (they also form a back for the cold frame) and filled them with compost. I now stick any left over seeds in them (herbs, poppies whatever!) and remember to give it a water as it regularly dries out. Big up cheap style gardening!

2 thoughts on “No expense spared (yeah right!)

  1. Hello Pete
    Like the herbs and cold frame combo design. Must build sumit like that on the commy garden I told you about. There’s a film I did there, will send link soon.

    • Ta for that. It is a well handy thing to have even tho it’s basically just an old window frame on bricks! Do send us the link to the film and I’ll stick it on the blog. How’s the garden looking at the moment?

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