Thursday night chilling in a stereophonic style


Another big cheers to our good mate Will for passing on this link full of musical magic! The Stereophonic Supply Co features top mixtapes from the great Dr Bob Jones, Ian Wright and Paul Bradshaw. We’re presently listening to the Ian Wright mix (who used to do those mad illustrations in the NME) which is full of some excellent dubwise gear including a great version of “Pop-a-top/Fatman” by Andy Capp, Winston Flames’ bonkers “Armagideon”, Black Uhuru with a version of “no, no, no” (alas no dub!) and  “Black beauty” by Joy Tulloch which puts us in mind of Jazz’min Tutum. A great mix tape and one of three we’ll be delving into in the next few days. Big up the stereophonic supply co!

2 thoughts on “Thursday night chilling in a stereophonic style

  1. Nice! Well keen to get a few more mixtapes up ‘n’ running… lovin’ Wrighty’s tape & now need to come a couple of my own reggae selekshaaans and then some deep jazz business that I’ve been playing at our the Jazz Warrors Int FREEDOM! night (next one 26th May at Charlie Wrights.) Stay tuned. Paul Brad

    PS… hope you enjoyed the little films with Wrighty & Bob…

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