One more before bedtime

Big up the great Daddy U-Roy even though we heard that when he headlined a gig in Brighton the other week he only played for 8 minutes! That beats the Guinness book of records “shortest set in the world” when I saw Joy Division at Malvern Winter Gardens many moons ago (20 minutes before a 10 minute jam with Sector 25 after jeers and shouts!)

I mean U-Roy is 70, at that age I want to be in bed perusing a Reader’s Digest and having me Horlicks before dropping off at 9pm let alone headline a reggae gig after midnight! If that is true about the Brighton gig here’s nearly half of U-Roy’s set (3.23)!


4 thoughts on “One more before bedtime

    • Cheers for that Eddy! I saw him once many moons ago in Bordeaux and he was great. He certainly hasn’t lost it judging by the youtube (even tho’ he only did 8 minutes)!

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