Soldier, sailor, tinker, council gardener

cheap and cheerful coldframe

This week has been a lot better on the weather front. Last Sunday I “tipped around” in the back, stuck in the last of the seed potatoes (5″ deep just to avoid any future frosts!), weeding and generally tinkering around and also sowed indoors some different varieties of basil (cinnamon, lemon and also lime, great eh?). I also moved some cabbage and sweet pea seedlings off the kitchen windowsill into the mini cold frame which will start them off on the hardening off journey. I take the window frame off during the warmer days and put it over at night so they slowly will get accustomed to the outside climate.


Tonight I checked the bucket that the comfrey liquid has been fermenting in for the past few months at the bottom of the garden. I think it’s now time to bottle it up as there’s maggots in there now! That’s not right is it? Or are they like the maggot at the bottom of the Tequila bottle, I reckon I should stick them on the garden to see if they work wonders like the Tequila worm is supposed to (it’s never worked for me!).

Also was listening to the great podcast that is BBC Leeds’ “Gardening with Tim and Joe” and they mentioned they were recently featured in the top 5 gardening podcasts in The Guardian online.  That Joe Maiden certainly knows his onions (and his leeks, daffs, roses, rhubarb etc). Always worth a listen and top tips galore, all for a free download. Can’t be bad!


2 thoughts on “Soldier, sailor, tinker, council gardener

  1. re; comfrey. For a plant that is supposed to be fearsomely invasive (the merest sniff of soil and shazam! there are forests of the stuff, I’m warned), at my first attempts at growing they don’t even venture out from the seed. ‘officianale’ type. Any tips?

    • Hi Andrew. it happened to me too! I used seed compost in a small pot, covered it with a plastic sarnie bag, put an elastic band around it as per and then nothing. I reckon do what I did. My mate (Hi Scarlett!) gave me a root of some comfrey from her allotment which took really well! Also in Jane Perrone’s allotment book she mentions that the variety “Boking 14” (aka Russian Comfrey) is the one to get as it’s flowers don’t set seed. I ain’t got a clue what sort mine is but if you send us your address to onedeckpete(atsign) I’ll stick a root in the post for you.

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