Music to watch snow by

Nice barnet my friendI looked out the window this morning and what did I see? Snow. Talk about bonkers in the weather department, and it was only earlier this week I was planting seed potatoes in the sunshine. Funnily enough yesterday I was told in my local garden centre (shannons) that after the weekend the weather will pick up, I do hope so. Until then here’s a great mix from our good mate Rhythm Doctor which has been on replay here for the last week. An eclectic selection to say the least (From Lee Perry, Christian Prommer and Nina Simone and back again) and a mix of top quality. Here’s to the better weather! Click here for the mix.


2 thoughts on “Music to watch snow by

  1. Well, here’s the thing Pete. I see the snow and frosty forecast and think “jolly good for the poppy and primrose seeds I’ve got out there what needs germinatin’.” The Weather Lords are just dubbing around with the garden, if you will. Bloody freezin though, spent more time pondering looking out the window at soil.

  2. Hi Andrew I am with you 100% on that. We’ve had snow, sun and rain in the last week and then the weathermen tells us today “it’ll be lovely this weekend.” Seeing is believing I reckon. Hold out on the seed sowing for just that little bit longer!

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