Nowt to do with David Mancuso’s one

No 1. In a occasional series. Club Disobey Beermat

big up the bee!

Here’s the first in the series of artifacts which are festering alongside bad quality punk bootlegs, 1980’s reggae soundtapes and balearic mix tapes oxidising in boxes in my loft (or found between two 12″ singles like this one was) seeing as I couldn’t get out in the garden today. Man, it was like a different world temperature-wise compared to yesterday. I found it hard to go out to the shops let alone do any gardening.

Club Disobey was a top club in the mid to late 90’s sometimes held upstairs at the Garage in Highbury & Islington where DJ Beekeeper (Bruce Gilbert from Wire who has been known to DJ at other clubs inside a replica of his own garden shed) would play his bonkers selection (which might include the sound of fireworks amongst other daft things) and on one occasion where Richard D. James plugged in his Argos smoothie maker and Wickes power drill to compliment his DJ set. Giveaways were of the regular kind and here’s one of them, a lovely Bee themed beermat. Big up the Bee, gardening wouldn’t be the same without you!


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