Half term something come back again

Yesterday was a bit of a blinder weather-wise. There was a thick frost during the early hours of the morning but in the afternoon it was well nice and even got slightly warm!  I’m off for the half term so I got the old flymo out and did the lawn, forgetting to go around the remains of an old bush in the middle of the grass thus mangling the metal blade of the mower in the process. It was nothing that could be sorted with a slight modification with a pair of pliers!

chitted potatoes and moody catI’ve been warming up a bed for the past few days (where spuds are going to go) using some horticultural fleece and yesterday took the massive risk of putting in a small handful of seed potatoes and sticking the fleece back over, anchoring it down with bricks and stones as you know it’ll be cold again. I only put in about 6 so if they fail it will be only 90p wasted (they were 15p each at the great seed swap/spud event in Sydenham) but they are buried in about 3″ of pre-warmed soil and have fleece over the top of them so fingers crossed!

when the chits are downI also stuck one of the already chitted seed potatoes (the end with the nice green tips go skywards up!) in a large sack covering the tips of the chits with about an inch or so of compost and will keep adding more once they start growing. I put the sack in the homemade cloche/mini cold frame where it’s in the company of two seed trays of cabbage seedlings. The sack could’ve be started off in a conservatory or a porch keeping them out of way of the mad spring weather so give them a good start before moving them outside in a couple of months when the weathers better. More half term gardening reports to come…

3 thoughts on “Half term something come back again

  1. Hello Pete. How do I chit spuds, please? Got a packet of maincrop I’m going to grow in sack. Tuesday this week was first sunny soilwarming day out this year, getting the raised bed ready at Liverpool Edge Hill Train Station, a community garden affair started by Metal arts group. Bit of a rake, some homegrown compost on but not dug in, and covered with one of those black membrane sheets. Planted out some sunflower grown from last years. Broadcast a few cheapo cornflower/ poppy etc mix and gave the place a first water of the year. Bulbs planted last year , tulies, daff, pushckinia slow to show so far, indeed like myself.

  2. Hi Andrew
    Great stuff about the community garden, best of luck with that! Any chance of more info about the project? I’ve found this http://www.metalculture.com/liverpool/community-garden-at-edge-hill-station.html
    Are many people getting involved? What plans are afoot for veg/flowers there this year?
    About chitting the spuds I don’t know as we’re now into April (though it doesn’t feel like it weatherwise!) if you should wait a week or two until the weather gets a bit warmer and just stick them in the sacks once the risk of frost has gone. Some people (even commercial growers) argue if chitting does help. I’ve done it the last few of years early on in the year but previous to that I’ve just stuck them in and spuds still are produced!
    Until you put them in, it might do you no harm to leave them in an airy room in some egg boxes with a bit of light…
    Cheers Pete

    • Thanks Pete. Beans is one for the garden this year due to the flower and colour. Load of sunflower which should amuse the trains going past. Now that the equinox is here got the seed box out and planning all sorts. Get some photos for you.

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