Daddy, what did you do in the punk/rave wars?

steroid abuse london club flyerLast weekend I uploaded some Steroid Abuse flyers and my old fanzine Ded Yampy from many moons ago to the blog so they’re up on the web for prosperity. Have a butchers at “Fanzines, flyers and flymo’s” and also the updated “The man and his music”. Roll on the good weather so I can get out in the garden or the next posts will feature the contents of my loft!


2 thoughts on “Daddy, what did you do in the punk/rave wars?

  1. You know how I love Ded Yampy !
    Yes PLEEEASE roll on good weather. It’s too cold to do a great deal outdoors and the allotment is on a hill, in a hollow,as you know, and really holds the cold, snow, frost. It also holds the heat if only we could get some! Another late year….. Stay warm.

  2. Cheers for that Scarlett! You’re 100% on the weather front, woke up with lovely spring sunshine today but outside it still blooming cold! Those chitting spuds will have to wait. Love the new kitchen by the way. How good is that about Andrew Logan doing a mosaic!

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