Almost there, yeah yeah

I saw a council worker giving a lawn it’s first cut of the year on Friday. Alright, it was tipping it down and he was wearing a balaclava, thick wooly gloves, a cossack’s hat and had a big coat on but he was cutting grass all the same. I reckon spring has nearly sprung!

The fountain of all knowledgeThe other day I was chatting to a maintenance chap at work who told us a great tip, he uses empty containers from office water fountain as cloches. All he does is saws the bottom (the wider end) off and then sticks them over his tomatoes and potatoes thus giving them an early start. How good is that?

Now if you are sensitive to plant container-abuse please look away now.

Plastic fantastic

The above is a very shocking example, the smart looking container in the NCP car park in Covent Garden which was looking well neglected anyway now has some plastic plants hoofed in it. How crap is that? Gardeners in that area if you have some spare plants free, you know where you can stick a few. Plastic fantastic? I don’t think so!

2 pound of herb iyaNow finally on a brighter note, is news of an excellent seed offer passed onto us by our good mate Paul Walker (nice one Paul!). A herb or salad leaf seed bundle for £2, brilliant. In the salad leaf bundle you get 14 packs of seeds, growing bag and book and in the herb and vegetable one, 11 packs with the bag and book. The herb one has a few different varieties of Basil including Lemon, Lime, Sweet Genovese and Cinnamon. Looks well worth it! Click here for the offer. I think you can have one of each per household. Big up the spring and cheap seeds!


2 thoughts on “Almost there, yeah yeah

    • Hi Scarlett, you’ve used them as well, great stuff! Never even thought of it before. I like the idea for the bottoms to be used as saucers too. I am with you with the plastic plants. why? You could easily grow some tomatoes and herbs in there even tho I am not too sure how much sun they get, but plastic plants? NO!

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