What have you got?

on a seed tipAs requested by lewisham gardens (a great blog by the way!) here’s the few seeds I swapped yesterday. The potatoes are chitting in an egg box in the back room, the daffs are in the front garden and the raspberry canes are getting a soaking as we speak! Big up the potato fair and seedswap!


2 thoughts on “What have you got?

  1. Heya!

    Thanks for the link to the site We’re much obliged! We’ll be adding your blog to our list too.

    Im so Jealous of your chitting potatoes! I found out my own Yukon gold seed potatoes had been peeled, cut up and roasted by my family at the weekend.
    They ate my seed potatoes!

    Im trying to track down more supplies of Yukon Gold to go with my Highland Burgundy Reds.

    What raspberries are you planting?

    • That is terrible about the spuds! My sympathy goes out to you. Heads would have rolled and refunds demanded if that was my house! I’m sure the raspberries were autumn bliss. Ta for adding ‘weeds’ to your links. I will be adding your site to the favourites this weekend.

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