Dreadlocks in the moonlight

Dread at the mower controlsThis week I rediscovered on the web a right old gem of a mix I used to own on cassette years ago. It’s a recording off a Mikey Dread radio show from JBC, Jamaica around Christmas 1978. It’s a classic and includes some right old corkers. It’s available from the excellent “Who Cork the Dance” website. Scroll down (past the Barry Brown and I-Roy tributes) to “Dread at the controls – Tribute to Mikey ‘Dread’ Campbell” and download away. One to listen to while thumbing through those seed catalogues!


6 thoughts on “Dreadlocks in the moonlight

    • I reckon you did too as I’m sure I got it on a trip down to London but can’t remember exactly where. Do you know anything about a tape that was available around the same time called “Abadare rockers” which was a reggae cassette compiled by Don Letts or possibly John Lydon?

      (Joly printed my first fanzine Ded Yampy at Better Badges in the early 80’s!)

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