You need wheels

Hell on wheelsI spotted this outside a cafe in Covent Garden on the damp and moody Monday morning just gone. The reason it has wheels is probably more to do with it getting pinched at night rather than being moved about a few times a day to get maximum sunlight. A good idea all the same though!

nice burnersA few minutes before seeing this I walked through the barriers at Charing Cross train station and got stopped by an American tourist and his wife who wanted a photo taken with me as I looked “the spitting image of the eighth president of the United States, Martin Van Buren”. Of course I obliged and shook his hand and waved at his wife who was taking the picture even though I look nothing like him. He’s got bushier burners and a better Roger De Courcey barnet than I have. Talk about bizzare happenings on a Monday morning (and at 8am too)!


4 thoughts on “You need wheels

  1. Fun read Pete…..Nice portable garden there.
    Martin Van Buren hey…? Since “Lincoln” is such a big hit, maybe they will do a “Van Buren”…and you can try out for the part. Yeah….right.

  2. Brilliant. Glad you like it! There’s not much call for a Martin Van Buren look-a-like in Forest Hill at the moment so I might have to try out for that musical but I think my my singing and tap dancing skills might let me down tho!

  3. Oh, that’s hilarious! You look nothing like him, but that’s American tourists for you, I guess!

    LOVE the wheels BTW – excellent for saving the arms when moving planters around. Wonder if it has a brake though…..??

  4. Glad that made you laugh. It was a very bizarre thing to happen on a Monday morning at 8am, it cheered me up no end! That container is great isn’t it? Brakes, I never even thought of that.

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