Limes in our climes

I noticed two Lime trees in pots outside the Loche Fyne restaurant in Covent Garden the other morning whilst walking to work. The owner told us he had to bring them in every night though but it was nice to see some Limes doing well outside in this country!


6 thoughts on “Limes in our climes

  1. re: tropical fruits growing in our climes. At the time of writing I can’t recall the author/ gardeners name, but he’s recently been advocating growing things like Snow Strawberry, Siberian something or others, crocus in windowboxes (for saffron) etc. instead of formulaic British “Dig For Victory” veg like turnip, spud and carrot. He was on the One Show which put me off a little, but I might try something along his lines in 2013.

    • Yes you’re right, it was Wong. I did buy some of his (Suttons) seed range today at Burleydam garden centre on the Wirral. Bergamot, chinese chive and Electric daisy. £1.85 each seemed OK.

  2. Andrew, cheers for that. I’ve just had a look at his range and he has some mad stuff. I’ve sown Asparagus Pea the year before last as I saw them on ebay and was drawn to them as they were a bit of an oddity but I forgot to pick the peas at the right size so never ever tasted them. Borage is great for the bees but I’ve never put the flowers in me bevvy like they say you should do in gardening books. Purslane, never ever tried to grow it. Tomatillo, never seen that before either. It all sounds like good stuff. Why not? Good one!
    Another good one to have a look at are heritage seeds

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