Never knowingly scabbed

The dustbin incinerator I bought the other week has been brilliant as I’ve burnt off a load of woody stuff that has been piling up at the bottom of the garden. The only trouble is, that making fires is now getting a bit addictive. The other Saturday I was just going to burn off a small pile of waste but as the fire got on it’s way I was scouring the garden for sticks, prunings and whatever else that would burn. A couple of bits of 4 x 2 I was going for use for a gardening project got chucked in alongside wet leaves and freshly cut wood, sending thick plumes of yellow/white smoke out of the funnel at the top of the bin into the SE23 night sky. Jah Wobble mentions the same thing in his biography “memoirs of a geezer”, breaking up furniture at a friend’s squat he lived at to fuel a fire to keep him warm. What’s all that about then, a primeval thing perhaps?


4 thoughts on “Never knowingly scabbed

  1. Pete, I know what you mean about getting addicted to firing up the garden incinerator, I just can’t stop myself too. I got a bit carried away last sunday night after a few beers in the pub with some pals. We all came back to mine and the incinerator was fired up and was still burning at 2 in the morning. I remember reading somewhere that Joe Strummer loved a good fire too..great to just stand around drinking a few cans and talk a load of crap. Here’s a fire related link….

  2. Nice one Marc I am hundred per cent with you on that one! Love the Strummer video. He liked a fire and talking of music Theatre of Hate had a B side called “Incinerator” as well. Any other Punk related bands have garden bonfire related tunes?

  3. Hello Pete,
    I find pine furniture has a nice smell on the fire. Good tip for starting a fire – old flour wrappers wiped in your used frying pan oil ignite well and can be stored in placcy bag for ages. Got a nice spot in our shared garden for sitting round the fire, and spent a few afternoons in October planting bulbs and drinking tea staring at the embers. See me wordpress page “Unmanned Radio Set” for a few prose thoughts on the matter if you like. When garden fires go wrong… Talking Heads : Love is a Building.

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