Living on the frontline

Prompted by our good friend Scarlett’s reply on “I’m going to wash that tarp right out of my hair” here’s a pictorial update of one of my favourite local front gardens. It’s different from the norm but one that delivers the goods. As this picture was taken clandestinely at 7.30am this morning, it doesn’t really do it justice but you get the idea!


2 thoughts on “Living on the frontline

  1. Ooooooh! Thanks Pete, just what I needed. I don’t know why I love this garden so much, it just makes me smile with its utter bonkers-ness, and the gardener was such a lovely lady. Perhaps it’s that it’s a front garden and we just don’t see food growing ‘out front’ as a rule. And of course I love her use of supermarket accoutrements!

  2. Hi Scarlett, I am with you on this one, you know I really like this garden and she seemed a nice person too so that’s even better! Let’s hope her back garden is as individual as her front one!

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