The never ending (re)cycling of life (man)

Recently I have been selling punk clippings on ebay, alongside out of date toners and 1972 Goal magazines found on a skip (image above from one of them, what mental barnets! Footballer’s wives 1972 stylee). Some might say why am I getting rid of such historical artifacts (yeah right!) but the truth is that the clippings and magazines are taking up space and now starting to smell.

Putting stuff on e-bay is like a modern day swop-shop as the couple of quid I get goes into buying seeds and plants thus saving me a few quid. From the out of date toner cartridges and Goals, I’ve now got a blackberry and a blueberry bush, a himalayan poppy, passion flower and seeds galore. A fair swap I reckon.

Although I’ve made some space in the loft, there are still lots of boxes containing things that were/are of great interest to me. What’s going to happen to all those “fair” quality punk bootlegs, 1988 rave tapes and peel cassettes when I leave this mortal coil? I know, when the kids find them they’ll go straight in the Lewisham Council recycling bin so why don’t I make the most of them now and make “rocksteadytrojanbob69”, “realpunk77” and “hoxtonsid2012” happy (and buy myself some plants into the process?)

Pete’s ebay aka steptoe and son’s grotto:

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