The never ending (re)cycling of life (man)

Recently I have been selling punk clippings on ebay, alongside out of date toners and 1972 Goal magazines found on a skip (image above from one of them, what mental barnets! Footballer’s wives 1972 stylee). Some might say why am I getting rid of such historical artifacts (yeah right!) but the truth is that the clippings and magazines are taking up space and now starting to smell.

Putting stuff on e-bay is like a modern day swop-shop as the couple of quid I get goes into buying seeds and plants thus saving me a few quid. From the out of date toner cartridges and Goals, I’ve now got a blackberry and a blueberry bush, a himalayan poppy, passion flower and seeds galore. A fair swap I reckon.

Although I’ve made some space in the loft, there are still lots of boxes containing things that were/are of great interest to me. What’s going to happen to all those “fair” quality punk bootlegs, 1988 rave tapes and peel cassettes when I leave this mortal coil? I know, when the kids find them they’ll go straight in the Lewisham Council recycling bin so why don’t I make the most of them now and make “rocksteadytrojanbob69”, “realpunk77” and “hoxtonsid2012” happy (and buy myself some plants into the process?)

Pete’s ebay aka steptoe and son’s grotto:

Quote of the week

I like old Nigel Slater, he’s from the midlands, got a smart old garden and loves his herbs too. A top quote from his telly show last night that made me laugh, “I just can’t sleep if I haven’t got a freshly baked cake in the house”. Sounds like he hasn’t got much to worry about has he? (Triple dipped recession, alien invasion, global warming, bills, asteroids exploding into the earth, more bills, etc etc.)

Mag of the week!

Tweetah – Issue zero – A5 24 pages £1.50
We were very sad to hear that the excellent magazine Woofah (edited by John Eden) folded as it was a well produced and an informative reggae/dancehall/bass related read (and always well designed too!). It’s always the way isn’t it?
Last week on John’s Uncarved blog I noticed he was selling a fanzine called Tweetah. This is material that was intended for the fifth and final issue of Woofah that never materialised, bah! It’s a great little read, has an interview with David Rodigan, Carlton “Killawatt” Valley and a piece on Tony McDermott, designer of classic greensleeves album covers (Scientist, Lone Ranger etc) amongst other stuff. RIP Woofah! An excellent read for only £1.50 from

Thursday night on the blog

Guts – You Don’t Have To Worry – Heavenly Sweetness

We featured a track from guts last week but gilles p played another one on his last show and it’s a right old cracker! We do love a bit of nice slow-mo french hip-hop here, and it turns out it’s on on the Heavenly Sweetness label which is home of the great blundetto. Big thanks to dj dick (rockers hi-fi) from birmingham for putting us onto blundetto after hearing it on his blog and dick is interviewed on the recent free school podcast which is great listening and features some nice tunes too!

Raise your beds, raise your beds

I heard a great thing off a mate of mine yesterday, that estate agent’s signs were all the rage on his allotment with everybody on the hunt for them. It turns out the poles that hold them up are ideal for using as wooden stakes when making raised beds and they’re a lot cheaper than shelling out cash for wood at wickes. Another use for the damn things rather than making snow shovels out of them!

Talking of making do, old tight git here recycles all his plant ties and gardening wire. I get an old jam jar, stick the plastic plant ties in them and wrap my old gardening wire around the top (it’s a dual purpose thang, innit?) I used this highly sophisticated method yesterday when taking the sweet peas off the old apple tree prunings in the back.

I am fast becoming a man with no mates with my collection of jam jams, 2×1 off-cuts and old plastic margarine tubs from around the world. “Sorry I can’t come out for a pint tonight as I have a big box of used 2BA screws and panel pins to sort out into their respective jars.” Brilliant!