Where were you in 2012?

Last week I went to “Someday All the Adults Will Die!” (Punk Graphics 1971-1984), an exhibition and fanzine discussion at The Hayward Gallery here in London. I’ve always been interested in fanzines since doing one years ago, so thought I’d give it a go. Ta to Marc for the tip off.

The discussion featured amongst others, Tony D from Ripped and Torn/Kill Your Pet Puppy fanzine and Gee Vaucher, creator of the bonkers graphics for the punk band Crass. Funnily enough I stayed off the beer on the night as I usually get a bit contrary at these events and give it all “Punk wasn’t about nostalgia” etc etc (yawn!).

One of the highlights of the discussion was me and my mate (nice one Lee!) getting told off by the girl in front of us for whispering a couple of times through the talk. So much for Punk being about freedom, obviously not! Later on going around the exhibition I got a bit worked up as it featured a copy of Ripped and Torn 17 (All images on this post from that issue). “I’m in that, I’m in that” I excitedly said to my mate. Good job I didn’t have a drink beforehand as I wouldn’t been happy until I had got the staff to unscrew the Perspex panel there and then and take the fanzine down to show to my friend. Good job I didn’t, as looking at that Ripped and Torn again this morning I found the mention, very very small at the back of it in biro (below).

Hardly stuff to get worked up about.

But no whispering at punk discussions though!

Gardening’s not dead!

That wonderful (scratched second hand) sound

Earl Brown – Get Together – Jericho
A lovely bit of Curtis Mayfield tinged Jamaican soul, tucked away on a B side to a reggae version of Leonard Cohen’s “Suzanne”. Produced by Herman Chin Loy at Aquarius in the early 70’s, this was found while trawling a bunch of seven inch singles in a House/Techno record shop in Brighton about five years ago. When I asked the owner did he stock second hand records, he replied “We don’t usually do second hand but I do have a box of old scratched soul and reggae I was using to sample for a house tune last week and now finished with. Are you interested?” Am I interested? Not half!